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In Web3, Can Content Creators be Stronger Together?

by Clinamenic

Can the decentralized technology of web3 empower content creators to coordinate and monetize their work in more rewarding and meaningful ways?

Personally, I believe the jury is still out, and that the best practices which free markets will favor haven't been truly identified yet. That said, with new tools come new avenues of disruption, and new opportunities to achieve that which, in a prior market equilibrium, may have been considered unfeasible.

What could a new status quo look like for content creators, in the context of web3? One idea, which we are exploring through PubDAO, is the possibility for an industry of stakeholders to coordinate as a coherent body, both in terms of facilitating talent discovery and establishing efficient (qua interoperable) industry standards.

Right now, there is an active landscape of opportunities for content creators in web3, with demand ranging from promotional content to technical documentation to entertainment. However, this landscape is often fragmented, with supply and demand often dislocated from one another, increasing the friction faced by talented content creators seeking employers, and vice versa.

This process of talent discovery may be aided by a communal, non-extractive platform for content creators and content seekers to interface within a framework designed to facilitate nuanced talent discovery. In this scenario, individual content creators would comprise the basic human layer, with their individual voices being reflected on-chain, while media institutions would be built atop this human layer, comprising an institutional layer.

With individual and institutional voices represented in a common social and technological architecture, the prospects of standardization arguably become more feasible. While we are still at the early stages of on-chain certificates being issued by institutions and recognized across institutions, having a common index of relevant certificates is a good first step toward collectively deciding on formal standards for issuance.

After all, certificates need to be interoperable, or recognizable across institutions, for their value, as nuanced attestations to the talent of their holder, to be maximally realized.

Having a social and technological framework which enables individual and institutional stakeholders to establish these standards, and rely on them to usher in greater market efficiency and greater opportunity for content creators, seems like a worthwhile experiment. But can an industry, given such a framework, function as a DAO? We aim to find out.

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